Few quick grabs

Christine came in this February past. She took part of a Valentines day special I had run for the month. I will look for those images and post them later. I had her back in a few days ago because I missed her look. Here’s a 5 light setup:

The purpose of shooting in clothes is to let the model know that I’m into her, not just her being nude or in little to no clothing. The poses we do are typical poses, nothing too outrageous. By this time of the shoot, she and I for that matter, are no longer nervous. I am nervous for every shoot I do. For as long as I’ve been doing this, I’ve not really gotten over the fact that I could totally blow a shoot and to be honest, I like that feeling.


I shot this with one light. I’ve usually used the ball chair for glamour work, but decided I wanted to do artistic lighting. I got my new favorite model and put her to work. The cool thing about artistic nude is everything doesn’t have to show in order for it to be a cool photo.

One light up high shot through a Photogenic Solair PLR500drc and Chimera 9×36 stripbox.

The glasses!

Just had a mini shoot today and I’m wiped out. I will post photos from that in a bit, but what I wanted to do was share one photo with ya, ok, maybe two. The first one is the glasses….

When I’m out doors shooting, I treat it like I do in studio; it’s an intimate shoot that has me wanting to spend my time getting to know my client.
Bringing bulky reflectors draws attention from the passer-by’s and now that camera phones are 5megapixel+ last thing I want or need is a crappy attempt at my shot out there.
When shooting outdoors, I want them as relaxed as possible. On a beautiful spring/summer/fall day, sun hitting them and warming them, one will get a more natural look from client.

Janelle S.

Janelle has a great unique look that I’ve wanted to shoot for some time. Her eyes are either blue or green or gray, just depends. Janelle is a dancer (not THAT kind of dancer!) so a lot of the photos I see of her are dancer specific. She’s usually moving hard, working hard or sweaty. I wanted our session to be more sensual/sexual so it can be different than whats in her book now. I wanted to celebrate her sexy and she was cool with it.

Barbie Nude!

Here’s a few nude images of Barbie. These were done in the ball chair and it’s making me miss the good ole ball chair! lol.

Lighting was simple really, just a Photogenic 24″ Silver Beauty Dish high and above. No reflectors or anything else. With two photogenic pl1250drs with Photogenic 12×36 strip boxes on the backdrop

Some Barbie

I had been talking to Barbie off and on for about three or four years. I saw her and wanted to shoot with her. She had a unique look and from her photos, I saw she took care of herself….