When I go out, I hardly ever use a reflector. I hardly ever use a hotshoe flash (do NOT get me started on the “strobist” stuff). I don’t use reflectors or hotshoe flashes for several reasons:

When I’m out doors shooting, I treat it like I do in studio; it’s an intimate shoot that has me wanting to spend my time getting to know my client.
Bringing bulky reflectors draws attention from the passer-by’s and now that camera phones are 5megapixel+ last thing I want or need is a crappy attempt at my shot out there.
When shooting outdoors, I want them as relaxed as possible. On a beautiful spring/summer/fall day, sun hitting them and warming them, one will get a more natural look from client.
And lastly: I’m far too fat to carry a lot of stuff. Carrying my belly is MORE than enough work for the average bear!

I took these photos of Paige in Nov of 2009. Page is a 5’9″ model that is beautiful. The lighting setup was very simple: An abandoned building with a missing wall. Sun coming through one of the open windows. As the sun moved, we had to move to keep the light in the window. There is zero photoshop trickery when it comes to the shape of the window. All natural! Also thrown in for good measure, a photo of a guy who wanted us to shoot at his location and charged me a photo with Paige.

Originally posted 6/9/2011

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