Wanted something different -Ryan and Kelsey

A few weeks back I decided I wanted to change it up and go for something with a boy. I started my quest to find a boy and low and behold I found one. I used Kelsey as the model and the images we got were super hot and awesome!

Simple Image

I see many photographers reverse engineering images and I feel bad for them. The reason I feel bad for them is the fact that I was one of those guys. I would sit for HOURS looking at images trying to figure out how they lit them.

Dramatic lighting fun

One of my favorite lighting styles is dramatic lighting or artistic nude lighting. If you’re a frequent visitor to the blog, you know that full nude glamour isn’t really my thing. I do it for submissions, but not really my thing. When…

Vicki doing the stankylegg

On my blog post Meet the Models: Vicki  I stated I had a video of her dancing the dance StankyLegg but that I wasn’t going to post it. Mostly, I wasn’t posting it because I couldn’t find it. Almost overnight…

More from a while ago

I will forever and always remember this shoot. The model’s name is Katy and she was a total sweetheart. She was a dance choreographer for kids and the local college. She was at that time, the first person I shot that had a great body and beautiful face.

Taylor came to visit me!

One of my most popular models is Taylor. She stopped in to hang with me and of course we shot. Taylor is one of the few models that I enjoy TALKING to as well as shooting. We talked longer than we shot and as a result, I’m forcing her to come back in December. If all goes my way, those photos will be some of the best I’ve taken to date! I’m excited and so is she.

Some boudoir

A few weeks ago, I had a boudoir workshop in a local hotel. The workshop was really a shoot out, but everyone had a great time and got some awesome images. One of the things I made a point to teach was that boudoir is nothing more than glamour photography, just more focus on body parts. I get into arguments all the time about this as some of my peers believe boudoir is different, I tell them “Boudoir is a fancy word to say lingerie, implied and nude photography.” It’s a general portrait photographers chance to shoot nekked women and not be thought of as a bad guy.

Regardless of your reason for shooting boudoir, I enjoy it and for the same reasons I enjoy glamour; empowering women.


Sometimes, you have to ask yourself “What did I do to deserve this?”

Most times you ask that, it’s in a bad way. Kelsey is the total opposite for me. Our shoots are what everyone should experience; total anarchy, loud, crazy and giggly.

I met Kelsey earlier this year. I liked her look right away and saw that she had some previous modeling photos. Naturally, my ego took over and decided she needed to have “better” photos than what she had read: I needed an excuse to shoot her.

Some Taylor M.

As of late, I’ve been dedicating blogs to everything except photos so lets return to our roots eh?

Taylor M came in a few months back for some photos. I think we got some awesome stuff.

Taylor, like many of the ladies I shoot, is beautiful. I really wanted to pull out her dark features, so I went with one strobe through beauty dish on a white wall.
This setup has always worked for me over the years and didn’t let me down again. The other photo is using window light and a reflector.