Sometimes, you have to ask yourself “What did I do to deserve this?”

Most times you ask that, it’s in a bad way. Kelsey is the total opposite for me. Our shoots are what everyone should experience; total anarchy, loud, crazy and giggly.

I met Kelsey earlier this year. I liked her look right away and saw that she had some previous modeling photos. Naturally, my ego took over and decided she needed to have “better” photos than what she had read: I needed an excuse to shoot her. The first model photo I saw of her, she was in a button up shirt and had a book in her hand-shirt was mostly unbuttoned. I saw right away she had a killer body and set out to shoot her. I got her into the studio and we had a blast! We spent more time trying to figure out right from left, my right or her left and laughing cause both of us were totally dumbfounded; “No, your right!” “I don’t…is that my…? right?”

She has an easy going personality and is fun to be around. I know I always hammer you with new faces and wanted to start filling you in with the back story on these guys. I know I will get a ton of emails asking if she shoots nudes, Nope, she doesn’t:


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