More from a while ago

I will forever and always remember this shoot. The model’s name is Katy and she was a total sweetheart. She was a dance choreographer for kids and the local college. She was at that time, the first person I shot that had a great body and beautiful face. I had talked to her for a while, but wanted to “wait” until I got my “skills” where they needed to be. By this time I had talked to one of my mentors and he told me about the beauty dish and how awesome it is. I ended up getting my first ever beauty dish (22″ white beauty dish) and tried it out on my kids. With some adjustments I knew this was it! I called Katy in and we shot. I don’t care what is said, these specific images were the BEST I had shot up to that time and these very images are the staple of my current lighting! If you look at the images you will see not much has changed other than I have better control and contrast.

Originally posted 11/28/2011

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