I’m NOT a fan of summertime. Too hot and Colorado has had this crazy bout of humidity for some reason(No humidity, I was sick). If I want humidity, I can move back home to Mpls, MN!

The ONLY thing I love about summer is the fact that I can shoot outdoors any time I want. I’m more a fan of the Colorado fall as the photos below of Paige, were shot at 8pm in November 2009.
Sadly, we’re not at the fall time of year so we must make due.

Morgan is beautiful. She’s got incredibly long legs and beautiful face. She has ripped abs and every time she breathes in, it looks like she’s flexing. Morgan was my first official outdoor shoot of the year. Nothing has changed over the years, my approach is to still use just the sun as the light. The trick is finding the shade that will offer enough coverage. That of course takes time and planning, so I threw that idea out the window and kept the sun at her back. The MAIN reason I dislike shooting with a strobe or hotshoe flash in daylight is it has to be done CORRECTLY. Far too many times you’ll see a photo that has harsh, ulgy shadows on the background. Or worse yet, the model looks like she was pasted into the background. This is imho, unless done right, shooting with anything other than a reflector at best is not going to cut it.

Here are a few photos from our quick session. If you like Morgan, just wait, you’re going to see more!

Originally posted 7/11/11

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