Danielle Jones as featured on GlamourModelMagazine.com

Old School Friday: Sarah Danielle James

Danielle Jones as featured on GlamourModelMagazine.com
Old School Friday features Sarah Danielle James

I first met Sarah Danielle Jones way back in 2012 on Facebook. When she first contacted me, she let me know she was familiar with a lot of the girls I was shooting at the time and she wanted to shoot. At the time of her first contact, she was married and unwilling to shoot any glamour styles so needless to say my interest level wasn’t very high. I was slowly coming around from the whole having a muse that doesn’t shoot the styles I’m known for, and didn’t want to do any shoots with people that I couldn’t use in my book. At that time she was living in Washington and moving to CO. Once she got to CO, her styles open to shooting improved to a level that I was interested in and we shot!

Sarah and I shot many times with the last time being here in Cali back in 2016! It’s always great to see a friend and my only complaint was we had so little time to spend together when she was out here.  We had fun and shot most of the time we were together so that’s always worth it. Today, Danielle haven’t talked in a few months. Thankfully, not due to any drama reasons as she was always more sensible than not. But because Cali life has me hectic and home life has her crazy busy in CO. She is a good friend and I’m sure we’ll speak soon enough!

Until the Meet the Models segment, here are a few photos to hold you over:

If those weren’t enough, you can see her feature on Glamour Model Magazine and GMM II.

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