Meet the Models: Jodi P

Last Friday’s Old School Friday exposed you to Jodi.

Today, you get to meet her.

I met Jodi on a model portfolio site. She was in Fort Collins which was about 45 minutes away from me so I made the drive. I had also shot several other models so it was well worth the trip. When I got to Ft. Collins, I didn’t know of any studios or anything in the area as I was new to Colorado, so we ended up shooting out of my room. Now understand, I’m NOT a fan of shooting on anything other than a backdrop and some of the photos Jodi and I took this day solidified my thoughts. She showed up with a male escort. She had explained that she had a shoot with a then local photographer who became attached to her in an unprofessional way. He had promised her a lot of things photography related as well as telling her she looked like the mother of his children. Soon after that, he started calling and texting her sometimes crying because she wouldn’t be with him on a more intimate level. Fearing that I would be the same, she wanted someone there. After finding out who the photographer was, I was beyond OK with her and her request to have a male escort.

The shoot went fine as normal and I even gave the camera to her escort to take photos. He enjoyed it and it helped her to relax. He was unable to relax as he was afraid of messing up my shots, I informed him it was fine but he quickly gave me the camera back. Here are a few photos from our first session:

As usual, after the shoot she was happy with the shoot and how it went. She loved the images and I was satisfied with them (Who am I kidding? I was proud of them for work at that time) and we agreed to shoot again. She had read my website bio and saw that I had did paysites for other models in the past and she wanted one. She was going to school in “FOCO” and wanted to have a website that made extra money. I had sold my last site and didn’t want to do anymore but she was persistent. I agreed to give it a try but advised the industry was changing it’s focus. She didn’t mind and wanted to give it a try, what could it hurt after all? So I got to work on the site. She had decided she wanted it to be “Super sexy” and wanted to do topless. I had asked and even told her to think about it, she was absolutely sure and there was no waiver with her. We had another shoot:

Soon after this shoot, she told me she was moving back to her hometown but she wanted to complete work on the website. By this time I had invested about 1,000 in the design and marketing so I was glad to hear she was ready to continue.  All the while we talked, I had a voice that wasn’t so quite, screaming in my ear that this project was done. I voiced those concerns to her and she tried to quiet them. In her defense she stated she was leaving “Next week but have time this week for a shoot” I was skeptical but set aside time. We had a late evening shoot and we got up North to “FOCO” for the shoot. I had reserved a room that had a swimming pool so the family and I could make a fun weekend out of it if the shoot didn’t happen. About half hour before we were to shoot, I got a call from her that said she had a cold but was still shooting. She showed up and we shot.

After the shoot we stayed in touch. About three weeks went by and all was going surprisingly well on the site. We spoke via phone and she wanted to know when I was going to bring her back out for an update shoot. I suggested a month from then, she urgently suggested it be two weeks. She said it would work out great cause she would come spend four days with me shooting and three days with her brother for his birthday. Reluctantly I agreed and purchased her plane ticket. The week after ticket purchased I had zero success contacting her after several attempts. Finally, growing tired of the cat and mouse game, I left her a voicemail that said if she didn’t contact me I was going to cancel the plane ticket. 20 minutes later she contacted me and asked me to not cancel the ticket. She informed me that she was getting back with her boyfriend in her hometown and didn’t want to do the site anymore. Although she didn’t want to do the site, she wanted to keep the ticket as it was her brothers birthday the following week. I informed her I didn’t really care about her brothers birthday and had no desire to pay for her to come back and not work for me. She stated she would pay me back later on but DEMANDED I keep her plane ticket. I informed her that there was no way I was going to do this to which she replied I had already purchased them and she had printed the e-ticket, there was nothing I could do about it. After the phone call with her I called United and got partial refund on the ticket.

A few months after this discussion happened, she contacted me and informed me that if I didn’t get the website down and all images of her off the internet, she would sue me. Her boyfriend, Connor, had a lot of money and his dad was a lawyer and would sue me for every penny I had. Thankful that I had a model release for every time we shot, I explained that she can have her lawyer contact mine and those two could hash it out. I informed my lawyer and six years later, there still has been no contact. The first and last time I worked with Jodi was Mid 2006.

Originally posted 8/29/2012

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