Meet the Models: T.L.

T.L. was another website referral model. The same guy that had referred several other girls to shoot, had referred T.L. and said she was going to do awesome. As soon as he started talking to me about her, I had my reservations. Why? you will see with in the next sentence or two.

T.L. was a dancer that wanted a pay site. Not one to judge, I give everyone enough rope to hang themselves. That being said, I’ve never had much luck with dancers showing up, or showing up on time or showing up sober enough to shoot. T.L. was no exception. The first shoot booked she flaked out on. I didn’t mind because I was paid for the session and it was a non refundable payment. The webmaster at the fee and life moved on. Same with the second shoot. By this time I was angered by the fact that yes, I’m getting paid for these sessions, they are taking me away from other things I could be doing. I told the webby that I was no longer interested in working with her and he could find another photographer to work with when it came to her. After a bit of negotiations and a kind heart on my part (enough cash to where it was difficult to say no) I booked a three strikes and out session.

She showed up!

Granted she was two hours late, she still showed. I had been doing this long enough and with enough strippers to know to not leave my home until they said they were there. This was the previous cases including this one. When I showed up she made a comment about me not being there when she arrived, but that she herself was a “little” late. Two hours is a little late? I let the comment roll off my back and opened the doors. Inside while she was getting dressed we talked a bit and I tried to get to know her. During the shoot I remembered why I loved shooting dancers of all genres; their ability to move and work the camera! Being a dancer of any genre means the person has absolute control over their body, a confidence in what they do. T.L. was no different. Her being an evening dancer meant she was able to falsely connect with the camera in a way I try to teach all models who step in front of my camera! We got some then, great images an done of them is one of my most notable nudes ever:

After the shoot was over she said she had a lot of fun and couldn’t wait for the next one. She apologized for being late and stated she would be “More on time” next time and winked. If she were to be “More on time” she would be the first dancer of her genre, to be on time for me. She gave me some dates that worked for her for our next shoot and I tentatively booked one and suggested she work with the webby to get something in stone. He was paying me so all bookings had to come through him or it would be on my time and two no shows and on excessively late left me with little hope with regards to her showing up for a personal project. I got an email the next day with the same confirmed time for next week. Could it be? Is it possible? Would she really show up? All questions that ran though my mind. Shoot day comes up no pre-text that she was on her way. No text that she was leaving about half hour before shoot time. Yes, you guessed it, no call no show. She flaked again. Again, I was paid for my time so I didn’t bother much and this time I had a client shoot scheduled anyway so I wasn’t out the time. The webmaster text’d me to see how it was going and I informed him MY session was going fine but his girl didn’t show up. He was irate but not my concern, that’s his employee, I was working my own thing! A few days later I got an email that told me they worked through their differences and she was a new woman. She was ready to work and would be there. We scheduled the shoot and I made sure to as always get payment up front. He rented a hotel room at the Denver Ritz to shoot in. I told him he was silly to do so being she has a history of flaking, he said she would show. No show from her and all I could do was laugh. Why he still wasted his time was beyond me but his dime his dollar!

A few months go by and I get an email about T.L. She’s ready to work this time, seriously and she’s ready to do it now! Payment received and session booked for Saturday. I showed up to the studio to get ready for the tfcd shoot I had booked and an on time T.L. shows up! Actually she was about three minutes early!!! I called my tf shoot and moved her to the next day and hunkered down to shoot T.L. This shoot she was even more relaxed (thanks to a few pulls of Hennessy) and ready to work. She told me she lived a crazy life and was now dedicated to the site. By this point in the relationship I knew this would be our last time shooting so I didn’t put much into connecting with her. Previously she tried too little, now she was trying too hard, something was going to give. We went outdoors and shot as well as in the studio. She talked and asked about publications and I told her that would be something we could do since I submit pretty regularly anyway. The photos from this session were markedly better than the previous ones:

The one thing I had learned by this time in my professional career was to trust myself. Listen to the voices as they were the best indicators for what was best for me both personally and professional. And as per usual, the voice was correct. After the shoot she wanted to set up a magazine publication shoot. I told her I don’t do those free and if she wanted to, she could talk to the webby to get him to pay or she could pay. She said she wanted to talk to him to get him to pay. She sent me a text saying she was excited for our next shoot and it would be even more hot than the previous ones. I knew right there I’d never see her again as the only times I’ve heard that is from girls who were done even if they didn’t know it. I got an email from the webmaster that said two weeks would be the next shoot and it would be awesome. I didn’t respond and went on with daily life. Two weeks came and went and nothing heard. A month later I got a myspace message from T.L. asking about shooting agian, I ignored it and pressed on. About three years ago she added me on facebook and asked about a shoot, I didn’t respond and last I checked, we aren’t “friends” on facebook.

While I dislike saying never, I don’t ever see my shooting with T.L. again. From what I’ve been told she has a baby now and happy! Great for her! I wish nothing but the best for her and continued success. To see all the photos for the site you can see her on my online portfolio site Radiant Desire


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