Meet the Models Caleb

Meet the Models Caleb is a good one!

I first met Caleb via Genna. I was offered to attend a shootout by a former student of mine. He got all my info from my workshop and used it to create his own. He was wise enough to market his shootouts to beginner photographers and continues to do so. Genna had wrote me saying she couldn’t shoot with me that Saturday because she was asked and accepted to model at a shootout. When I told her I was asked to go, we made an agreement to meet up together. I got there a little late, around 11 (event started at 9) Genna showed up with Caleb at about 1. Genna went through makeup and Caleb just hung around. The theme of the shoot was 1950’s and it was one of the more unorganized event’s I’ve attended. I hardly shot any but told Genna to stick around and we can shoot after. Genna agreed and said she was getting ready to tell me the same thing.


After everyone left, Genna, Caleb, and another photographer friend and I did some shooting. The first thing Caleb said to the friend and I was “I’m only 19 but I’ve slept with over 250 women!” The friend and I didn’t have anything to say at first. Then the other photog said “Better hope your junk just don’t fall off” and Caleb said “Oh, it won’t, I need it too much.” Awkward, I focused on Genna since I didn’t shoot guys all that much. Being a glamour guy, I wanted some hot pics of Genna and Caleb agreed.

As the mini shoot evolved, Caleb turned out to be a pretty cool dude. I think he wanted to show us that he was a “Man’s – man” by telling us how many girls he had bedded. Once he found out we weren’t impressed, he went back to his normal self and actually became pretty fun to be around! We ended that shoot saying we needed to work together again and that we had fun.

As time went by, Caleb and I spent a fair amount of time talking about modeling, male modeling and jobs in Colorado. By this point I had considered Caleb a friend. We had good laughs and talked about hanging out, but I’ve always fretted being the old guy at a young guys party so alas, I never went. December of that year, I had posted that I was going to do an End of the Year shoot out and invited any and all models who wanted to be apart of it. There was no set time for anyone to show up for the evening shift. Caleb showed up around 9 pm. It just so happened I was shooting my then fav model, Paige, and Caleb knew her. Right away Caleb started kissing and groping her. It became apparent they knew each other and although I was shooting pics, they must have noticed I was quizzical and said: “Oh, we know each other”. The event went on and the youngest girl there, Hannah, was in love with Caleb. I asked her what was going on and she said “He’s so beautiful! I love him!” I said to her “Come on now, you’re young” She said “Duh! Yes, I’m 16 and I’m boy crazy!!” Well said, Hannah, well said. I got some time with Caleb and we shot a few images. Caleb said he had spoken with another local photographer and that photographer suggested he move his body in odd, weird poses. I allowed him to move and be free.

After the event was done, Caleb and I kept in touch infrequently. I had noticed that Caleb was making his rounds and trying to get to…”know” most of the females there. I had one who said he wasn’t that attractive to him, yet he would not leave her alone, even after the event was over. Eventually his sister, Morgan, reached out to me and wanted to work together. We did and it was at that time she told me some interesting news. Caleb had gone on to become a male adult star! With his impressive resume of 250 women before age 19, I thought that would be a job  he would be comfortable with, she proceeded to tell me it was Gay porn and she giggled. I didn’t mind, how one chooses to make their money is up to them. Soon as gossip got around, I defended my friend tooth and nail. I told the judges to not judge unless  they knew the deal he had and if he was happy. If he had a good deal and was happy, then so be it. Soon after that, it became the topic of everyone who knew I had worked with him. Still, I defended him and his choices and said he was smart to follow the money. He wasn’t going to make money as a male model in CO or any other genre, might as well get it where he can.

2009 Was the last time I saw Caleb. I had asked Morgan to be a model at my Meeting of the Masters event and she accepted. Caleb showed up and was pretty odd. He wasn’t his normal happy self and Morgan seemed different as well. She did a few shots and eventually left. I said good bye and that was that. I had put up my portfolio site and all was well. I had never done much with it as I didn’t want it to be a big money maker, just a place to show all my work from 2001-2009. Some of the girls who were on there contacted me and told me that they didn’t want to be on a “porn” site. That they were in porn. I asked if I shot them in porn, their answer was “No” to which I said “What are you worried about?” Most apologized for not coming to me, but was being told by someone they were on a porn site. I asked who was telling so I could educate that person, they wouldn’t betray their friend. I asked them is it their friend if they are lying to them? They agreed and it was dropped. Last year I was contacted by someone who finally told me it was Caleb who told her. That he was telling everyone it was a porn site. I contacted my former friend asking why he was lying, cornered, he pushed it all on the girls and his trying to stick up for them and their feelings. It didn’t bother me that he was trying to get on their good side, that’s what he does, what bothers me is he sold me out for the next conquest.

Today, Caleb and I don’t talk or have any communication. I will always remember him as the first male model friend I’ve had.



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