For me, boudoir is about the client, not me. When I’m shooting portfolio stuff, although I make it about the client, it really is bottom line, about me. How am I going to light it. Or how will I pose it. With boudoir, I feel and say things such as “we” and “our” and occasionally, “your” This is for the simple fact that boudoir is more about the client, than me. The typical boudoir client is going to be someone who is unsure about their bodies. They are unsure of the situation and all it presents. This expereince HAS to be about them or it’s just another typical session. One of the biggest fallacy’s out there is boudoir has to be shot in a bedroom/hotel room type setting. Boudoir can be shot ANYWHERE and WHERE EVER the client feels most relaxed. What do you say to the boudoir client that wants photos for her boyfriend the baseball player? “No, sorry, i know you have his jersey and bat but boudoir must be shot in a room type setting vs the field you and he met at” Better yet, you say that to them so they come to me!




Originally posted 6/30/2011-updated today



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