Outdoors with a strobe

To follow up on last weeks outdoors post, I wanted to post something for those who do enjoy having some kind of flash outdoors.

I have made my feelings known regarding hotshoe flashes being used as “strobes”, Nothing more than a gimmick, oops… But I did take a portable strobe and beauty dish out for some shots!

Kabulie is the model And the gear is simple:

Photogenic AKC320B strobe

Photogenic Portable battery

24″ Silver beauty dish

The rare times I shoot with lights when shooting outdoors, my goal is to use the strobe strictly for ambient fill! Lots of people will over power the sun and for me personally, that takes away from the photo. Makes it look more manufactured and thus, eliminates the reason for being outdoors. The sun is a perfect light source and works amazingly to give awesome light, why ruin it? The setup was simple; Strobe on top of model set to f/2.8 and able to keep colors and life in the photos.


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