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The threats are real!

The threats are real! Stupid, that is!

I’ve not shot a Colorado “model” in about three years, yet my inbox on Facebook, once a month is filled with a moronic claim! The claims aren’t so bad, however, the threats are real! They come in in droves and when I respond with my usual comment “Get a lawyer have them email me” it turns into how bad of a person I am and how everyone in Colorado hates me.

Madison Vincent says everyone hates me
Madison Vincent says everyone hates me. I think I’m going to cry

News flash: I couldn’t care less!

I’ve spoken previously about the joys of working with wannabe models and the stress and headaches of them. I’ve spoken about attention to details as well as how to start as a model and it appears all was for nothing! At least for me it is. What happens for me is I’ve shot girls that wanted to have professional photos taken. Then they meet Jesus, or a boyfriend or some other stupid reason and all of a sudden, they demand that I stop using their images. When I don’t give in to their peer pressure, they resort to telling me they’re getting a lawyer. What they don’t understand is simple:

Photography for the photographer, is a business.

I have a lawyer on retainer.

Madison Vincent, a wannabe model I shot while in Colorado, is the newest wannabe that failed to achieve any level of fame or success in the industry and now demands that I delete her photos

The threats are real! Madison Vincent as appears on
The threats are real!

from existence. I was unable to respond to her the way I usually would cause she did the adult thing of blocking me, but she’s one of those people. She and TJ from Glamour Model Magazine was speaking and Madison, four shoots deep into her illustrious career was deciding to give it up. She was unable to secure paying gigs (majority of photographers that pay will only pay nude models) and tired of people wanting to shoot the same thing; lingerie and implied.

Madison didn’t understand that a pretty face is a dime a dozen. That she needed something else; star quality, to be different. That she had to evoke emotion and connection vs showing up being an average pretty face. Because she didn’t make millions over night, now every trace of her needs to be removed.

How bout that release?

Now I know what you’re thinking; “Jay, why are you picking on her?” I’m not. She’s just one of several that are hitting me up demanding I stop doing something recently. Furthermore, she’s trying to threaten me to conform to her desires as if I’m a new photographer that doesn’t know the law. Sorry hun, I’m a 15+ year professional. I’ve worked with better, more legit models than you. Sadly, I don’t scare. She wants me to not use her images, void the release agreement we have by buying her copyright. If not, I will use my images as I see fit. Funny thing? She’s dating a guy who used to be a photographer, or claim to be one. Why he’s not educated her is beyond me.

If YOU no longer want something, why does everyone else have to be out of their time and money? Get real!



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