Meeting of the Masters Day III

Meeting of the Masters Day III featured Joe Edelman speaking in the morning. Edelman spoke about modeling and his idea of what types of images belong in a portfolio.

Second half of the day was Kirk Voclain who spoke about his specialty; high school seniors. Kirk admitted he shot models before but not with any seriousness as his high school senior portraits were the same thing, but with clothes on. Kirk ended the session with an image retouch and talking about how he retouches.

Edelman latched on to Voclain like a lost puppy dog. Edelman had promised to do a “pose off” with Voclain and they did it. It was corny at best, but people enjoyed it so it made it worth while.  After that it was the final shootout of the event and everyone went to get their final time with the guys. Hickey had left Saturday morning so he missed out.

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