In a lot of my One on Ones I get people that complain that they can’t promote their boudoir or model photography business as it links back to their general purpose or family facebook account. I realize the frustrations this cause as I have a page that is for my family, but I want to make it an admin of my model photography page that has things my Mother doesn’t want to see. There is a SUPER simple fix to that!

Go to your facebook page and add yourself or other account as admin.

If you don’t have another account, just the one your using you can skip to the next part:

Make a post on your page:


As you can see, the upper right hand corner of your post there is a little drop down arrow:

Scroll down to the bottom one which says “Hide all from XXX” and click it. You will see:


And this is your confirmation that posts from your page will no longer show on your facebook page! Post whatever you want with out fear of Mom or anyone else seeing it!

Originally posted 9/4/2012

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