Lighting the nude

Today’s post has taken on many different lives.

Initially it started as a rant against implied nude, but has morphed into a lighting the nude.

I am not opposed to implied nude shots, however, it sickens me to see models say “I don’t shoot nude” then you see implied NUDE’S on their page, or a full on topless. When asking them, they say they put it on there because they want to keep away the creepers or those who only want to shoot nudes. I tell them they’re hurting themselves because those photogs that would pay them, skip right past them. Their body their rules. While looking at these photos, I figured this would be a much better blog post to cover lighting.

Lighting is fun. I enjoy the fact that it challenges me. I like the fact that I can always change it up and make it suit what I want with little to no fuss. When I light, I light for the person in front of me, not for what I want. This model wanted to get some figure shots. She didn’t want to go topless, even though I shot her topless before, but wanted some shots that was in mystery (insert implied rant from above). She decided to put tape in the shape of an X on her nipples. Her money, her body her rules. The tape took away from a lot of the creativity imho, but I was able to somewhat work around it.

The lighting:

two 12×36 strip boxes

two Photogenic Solair 500DRC

I removed the internal baffles of the stripboxes because I wanted more of the specular highlight on the skin. I had the strobes about 6 feet from the model to not blow anything out or make it too specular.


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