Old School Friday’s Erika

This weeks Old School Friday is Erika.

Erika was referred to me by a webmaster who creates websites for chicks. Shooting for the website genre, you don’t pay as much attention to the rules as you do keeping the focus on the sexiness of the subject. While I did have some focus on the photography end, I didn’t have as much as I should. Erika is a beautiful young woman with an awesome nationality makeup. I don’t remember what her make up is, I know French is one of them. But olive skin, dark eyes and wonderful body type made me interested in shooting her.

At the time of our shooting she was young, She was 19 and in “love” so the escort rule didn’t apply. At first she shouldn’t shoot with out him. They broke up and got together more than one could count. That being said there is a blog post about escorts because of our sessions. At the time, she had a boyfriend who was a total and complete tool that was demanding and dramatic of her. Several times at different sessions he made her beyond angry or even outright cry.

Canon EOS 20D

Various strobes


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