Old School Friday: Sheena

I remember it like it was yesterday; Location: Duluth, MN. Time September 7,2003. Situation: Fricken people photography…for real!

I had never felt my niche was shooting people. I found dealing with people to be contrite and annoying. BUT, I had to shoot people to be able to say I was a well rounded photographer. I decided to start with a pretty college co-ed named Sheena. Sheena’s importance to me, my photography career and YOU is simple; she’s the one who convinced me to move forward with shooting people more. Now you’re thinking; “How the heck is this random chick essential to me?” If you’re here reading my blog, odds are you’ve liked somethings I’ve done. Sheena is what made me progress with digital photography and portrait photography.

Old School Friday (Yes, I know it’s Saturday I had a root canal yesterday at 7am give me a break) is Sheena.

Camera: Nikon Coolpix 5700


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