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Zoe Shupe of Denver CO

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Zoe Shupe of Denver, CO

I first met Zoe Shupe of Denver, CO back in 2013. She lived in Littleton at a place that was right across from where I used to live. I had shot a lot of Zoe’s friends and she, like many others, wanted to do some modeling. She reminded me of a baby giraffe; tall, elegant, but not entirely graceful. She was cute and I could use her look and body type in my book. I decided to shoot her and we ended up shooting several times. Including twice for a paysite that never materialized.  GMM doesn’t want or allow me to post the entire stories, this is why I created my Meet the Models, so next week I will provide more info on our shoot. You can see her GMM feature by going here.

Until recently, Zoe and I hadn’t talked. I’m not sure I’d consider what we were doing as talking, but I’ve had to cut all communication with her (Typical Colorado wannabe model). As you read, you will find many of the same traits in her as other girls I’ve shot out of Colorado; desire to make tons of money and earn tons of fame-with little to no real work ethic or business acumen. Although it didn’t work out, I was able to get some great images for everyone to have and appreciate.  I know I do!


I also have a teaser video for you here:

Before all of you ask, yes, I have the video and photos of her for sale, but please note; I sell at collector prices not the 5.00 Patreon pricing. As always, if you’re interested, hit me up and let me know. I am working on my art sale page and should have something on it soon. Everyone I’ve ever shot is for sale so don’t be shy, hit me up and let’s work out some deals.


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