Meet the Models: Vicki

As promised on last weeks Old School Friday post, meet Vicki.

I’m not sure how Vicki found me but she did.

Initially, I was glad she did because she had a “classic” physical beauty that I loved. Natural or with make up, she was beautiful and very easy on the eyes. She contacted me and we set a date to shoot. She showed up on time which was huge. And we sat and hung out for a few minutes. Spent some quality time getting to know her and what she wanted out of the shoot. She didn’t have real goals other than some “amazing” photos and that was fine. While we were talking, she said “I’m a crazy bitch” Which gave me pause. I realize I’m…older…and all but when I was growing up, calling someone a “bitch” was a bad thing, much less referring to oneself as one. The pause was accentuated by the fact that she told me she was crazy. Assuming this was the new hip lingo (My use of the word hip shows you how current I am with lingo) I laughed it off with her.

She was very quiet and open to suggestions. Around the time she came in, I started really, really reviewing my photography and started changing things up.  This is when I really reviewed my style and I was and am to this day, satisfied with the images we captured this day. This session was to test the new me and she was on board. Here’s a few of the images we created. These images were how I delivered them to her then.


After that session, she contacted me and told me she loved the images and wanted to do another shoot. We didn’t set a time for the new shoot but said it would be soon. A few months had gone by and unexpectedly, I got a text from her that said she was back in town and wanted to shoot. We set a date and got to work. For this shoot, she wanted more of a pin up look so we researched pin up styles at the studio and looked over poses before we got started. Once she was there I asked her where she had been. She stated she went to Utah for a few weeks to clear her mind. She was hooked on a boy and apparently, he was bad for her. She reiterated to me “See! I told you I’m a crazy bitch!” Laughing it off, we got to work and got some amazing images:

The shoot was awesome and we got great images! As it worked out, this shoot was my last shoot with Vicki.  It had been a few weeks since I had talked to her so I texed her to see how it was going. I didn’t hear anything so I got busy and forgot. A few weeks went by and a major MMA magazine said they wanted to run some images of Vicki that we shot. I reached out to her and didn’t hear anything. The magazine said I had a day before they moved on to the next girl so I contacted Vicki. She had on her portfolio pages that she was going to be a model and wanted to be published, this was her IN! After not getting a response, I texted her and said “Sorry you’re passing up a great opportunity”. She replied with “It’s ok” I was dumbfounded at her response, but figured it wasn’t a big deal. Some people get gun shy over the thought of realizing a dream or being published.

I hadn’t heard from her in well over two years but just last week as I put this post together, she contacted me. I showed this post in private, to another photographer and he reached out to her and told her. She contacted me after two years to ask me not to put up a video of her dancing the “Stanky Legg” that I got at our first session. A little put off that she would contact me after two years with a request, I decided to not attach the video to this post, but the video has already been uploaded and displayed on my blog and Facebook page for years now.

Vicki and I will never shoot again but I wish her continued success in all she does!

Originally posted 9/12/2012

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