Meet the Models: Sera

Meet Sera.

A few years back I was heavily into the model portfolio website world. I used to make tons of contacts and connections via them. It really was a craps shoot but every now and then I got lucky. I had met Sera via one of those sites and we agreed to have her come in and shoot. While we were discussing her session, I had recently been in contact with a magazine and had several successful submissions to them so I floated the idea to Sera. She was excited over the idea and we started to shoot. I had to have a theme for the magazine so I went with “Strip Poker”

The magazine spread:

After the shoot I had submitted the images and they were loved by the mag. They ran them in the next month edition and Sera became a nationally published model. Rockstar was an Adult Magazine-Penthouse style nudes vs closed leg Playboy style, so she was put in the “Rockstar Rookie” section of the mag. That was fine for both her and I. From there she wanted to do more shoots and submit to more magazines. We had one more shoot and again we shot at my home

We successfully submitted these images to Playboy and they wanted her to fly out to Vegas for additional shoots. She became distant and it was a while since I heard from her.  About a year later I caught up with her on the now defunct Myspace and found out she was a new Mom. She wanted to resume her modeling but her boyfriend didn’t like the ideal. Being of the opinion that we are all adults and have to live our lives the way WE want to, I advised her “Well if you or him changes your mind, I’ll be here!” Over the years we’ve been in and out of contact with each other. No shoots or anything more than “Hey how are you?” type things.

Of course I wish her continued success in all she does!


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