Meet the Models: Megan

As I promised from last weeks Old School Friday, you are now meeting Megan!

Megan is what I consider my first real shoot in Colorado. I had shot an associate of hers and she saw the photos. She wanted some like it so she came in to shoot. She had sent me photos of herself and I remember thinking; “People in Colorado are weird, they all use colored contacts” as her eyes were ice blue. I forgot the actual hour we agreed to shoot but I remember I was shooting out of my apartment and had recently moved from shooting out of the spare bedroom. I walked into the spare bedroom and saw Megan and her friend, Shannon, RUNNING to my front door! When I opened the door she was huffing and puffing, apologizing for being late. That was a first! A model that was less than five minutes late apologizing? Nice!

You saw the images from the very first session, here’s one of my favorites cleaned up and how I’d deliver it to her today:


We had another shoot after that and Meggy was actually the reason I switched from a standard flip phone to a BlackBerry phone. We had text’d quite a lot and discussed shoot ideas and everything in-between. She was moving very close into a good friend and my Wife had a HUGE problem with that. My Wife’s number one rule was “Shoot whatever and whenever you want, don’t get close to them” I had practiced that rule for years until Meggy. We had setup another shoot and it was here that we had the most fun we had at a shoot. These images were taken with the 1Ds Mark II and it was the reason I fell in love with the camera:

After that shoot her and I were talking via texting and I made the fatal mistake of saying; “I love Meggy, she’s so awesome!” My Wife did NOT like it and we got into a HUGE fight. She mistook what I said for being more than what it was. She immediately hated Meggy and more so that I now called her Meggy vs Megan. Meggy and I had planned another shoot and this time she wanted to bring her hot friend Shannon. Heck ya I say! By this time in our shooting, I had allowed about an hour before and after our shoot to give us time to talk and hang out. She was that cool. That and I didn’t want the Wife to see Meggy hehe. As it worked out, I lost track of time and the Wife came home. We had a new baby who was about 4 or 5 months old and Meggy HAD to meet her. The Wife came through the door and Meggy said “Hi” and moved to the baby. Meggy hung out for a few hours and my Wife ended up LOVING her!  After that point, I was excluded from the friendship :( To this day I will text Meggy and ask how she’s doing and she’ll respond to my Wife! She says she doesn’t, but she does. Or I’ll say Let’s hang out and won’t hear anything for weeks, then my wife says Meggy is coming over lol. The last shoot I had with her was in the living room with her and the wife babbling on and on about girl stuff. It was fun because we got to hang with Meggy. To date, this shoot was the last actual photo session I had with her:

November 2012 Meggy and I met up and here’s a few images we got:

Originally posted 8/23/2012. Updated 11/10/2012

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