Meet the Models: Katie

I had moved from Colorado to Minnesota when I became sick. At the urgent nature of family, friends and the internet, I was going to die soon so wanted to be in a place that was familiar. Once I realized I could live a long and happy life, I said screw MN and moved back to CO. Shortly after getting to CO, I had started to reach out to new people to work with. Enter Meet the Models: Katie.

I had been Facebook friends with her for some time and was sitting in a hotel room looking through facebook and found her. I liked her look right away. She reminded me a lot of Stunning Serena and Serena was a good friend from a long time ago. I went through and started liking a lot of her FB photos. I tried to figure out how to contact her and be non obvious about it, when I contacted her and said “Please be legal” To which she replied she was. From there the ice was broken and we struck up a convo. She stated she was interested in modeling and I advised I was a photographer that could help. We spoke for a few days after that off and on and decided to shoot. Now it was October and snow was starting to fall. We had agreed to meet up outdoors and shoot as I didn’t want to ask a brand new to modeling 19 year old girl to go back to my hotel room. We met and started to shoot but it got too cold out.

Of her own suggestion we moved the shoot back to my hotel room. As you will find in the coming weeks, I hate shooting out of rooms and other places like that but she wasn’t ready to stop shooting and I wasn’t ready to stop shooting her. We shot and talked for several hours and I ended up really enjoying her company!

After that shoot we had spoke several times and spoke daily. I learned a lot about her and shared some things about me. I learned she wanted to be a MUA and I felt she had a good start on it as she did all the make up on herself and friends. After doing the first shoot her and I texted and facebooked and she mentioned she wanted to turn it up a few notches. Not  knowing what she meant, I asked and she said she wanted to try some topless images. Never one to turn down glam work, I jumped at the chance. We planned out the shoot and shot.

Soon after this, she had introduced me to several of her friends. Being the nice guy that I am, I shot those guys as well.

My last shoot with just her she wanted to continue topless and have fun. So we did

We had one other shoot after that and it was with her then boyfriend. A kid who was going into the Navy.

After that, she had contacted me to shoot her wedding! I gave her a great price and she signed me up. I had sent her several notes about time, place and payment and not heard from her. A month or so after the wedding she sent me a note apologizing for purposely ignoring me stating that was bad on her part. No harm, no foul and I moved on. The last I saw of her she had had a baby and was doing well and working as an MUA. Congrats to Katie and continued success!


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