Meet the Models: Janelle

You  may have noticed that there wasn’t an Old School Friday post last week. This is because I took last week off for the holidays, my birthday and the blogs 4th year of being in business! The other reason is that the Meet the Model model I’m updating with this week is one that I shot last year. The images were far better than any Old School Friday images I’ve put up, so I didn’t want to put them up and confuse everything. With out further delay, lets meet Janelle!

The very first time I saw Janelle was on a model portfolio site. Her profile photo was of one that was a head shot and was cross processed. I loved her look right away. I HAD to shoot her. I had contacted her and we discussed a shoot but nothing ever happened from there. Quite some time went by and I found her again on Facebook and we talked. I had asked her to fill out an app so I knew what styles she was open to shooting (this is also part of a test I have every tfcd shoot model do) and she filled it out. Confident that we were moving along, I was excited for the outcome of the shoot. Sadly, the shoot got stalled another six to eight months. One night she text’d me saying she wanted to shoot.  I HAD to shoot Janelle. So we talked here and there for a while and nothing really panned out. Finally one day she text’d me and said we were going to shoot. I cleared the day…even though the shoot was that evening. I couldn’t WAIT for this shoot! I looked over her images on FB and saw she had a lot of dancing photos. She’s a Go-Go Dancer and a lot of her images had movement and sweat and muscles on display. I wanted to capture a different side of her. I wanted to capture the softer, sensual, sexy side of her. That’s what I always saw when I looked at her photos. Day of the shoot came and I was ready to go! She showed up and we got some amazing images:

After this shoot we both acknowledged we had a great time. As we were shooting I was showing her the images on the back of the cam and she was loving them. I kept telling her if she loved them there, wait  till she seen them cleaned up. I edited a few images and sent them to her. She is a VERY easy edit as she requires very little work. We had spoke via text for a while and she said she was comfortable with shooting up to implied now. She wanted to give it a try. I was beyond stoked! This extremely beautiful woman with an amazing body is ready for implied? Heck ya son! We went over a few ideas for doing it and I suggested some dramatic lighting styles where she wasn’t nude but show off her amazing body. She was ready for it and we were set, only I had to wait until finals were over. Finals over I had contacted her both on fb and text and got no answer.  Days turned into weeks which turned into months. Being that I wasn’t getting anywhere with her I started to give up on her. One day while on FB I had seen she did some implied shoots with another photographer. The images weren’t what I had in mind but it was ok, her decision her choice. A few weeks later I had seen NEW implied images  with a different photographer and these images were not what I would have done either! I became upset! I had really wanted to shoot her again, just shoot her, but she was doing shoots with others and they weren’t cranking out the energy that we created so I was upset. This was also around the time I had my personal issues and that didn’t help. I removed her from my facebook and apparently, sent her a nasty email. I don’t remember what happened but I know that my removing someone from FB is pretty huge! I don’t do it to get back at the person, but because I don’t want to be reminded of opportunity missed. She added me recently and we started talking. FB does this weird thing that when they block me because I’ve added too many new people, they delete my most recent adds. They deleted her and the messages we had. I sent her a message and asked if she wanted to shoot and she said yes.

Shoot day comes and I’m ready! She shows up and she has a new hair cut, new car and new attitude. Something is different about her and I can’t quite tell what it is just yet, but I like it. She pulls out her outfits we’re going to shoot and low and behold there is three lingerie pieces and one amazing corset. She goes to change and I’m stoked she’s back! We start shooting and right away I start grilling her about the last year and half since I’d seen her. She tells me that she’s graduated college and has a new boyfriend and car. That she’s a big girl now and that’s when it hits me, the different thing about her is she’s FREE! She’s free from peoples expectations, commitments and hangups! She’s an ADULT now and not only has she found out who she is, but she’s found and embraced her sexy!  She is MORE gorgeous today than a year ago! Photos from the last session:

I am beyond excited to have her back in my life and look forward to many more shoots! She is a wonderful person and I’m stoked to share her with you and to have the ability to share more in the future! If she were available just a little bit more to me, I would use her as my Muse hands down!


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