Meet the Models: Crystal W

Today’s Meet the Models is Crystal W.

This story and images dates back to my first few years in Colorado. I had met Crystal on Myspace (Yea, that’s how far back we’re going) and I instantly had a professional crush on her! I thought she was very pretty and very sexy! What made her sexy was her attitude! She was very upfront and honest and said how it was. I ask everyone what areas of concern they have and she listed the usual responses. She had three kids but was full of life. I had asked her what she had in mind for a shoot and she said she was open to whatever. I tried to get more out of her but that was all she gave me.

One issue with photos online and when people show up in person is you never know if you’re looking at a recent photo? or is it one from a few years ago. When Crystal showed up I was more than happy to see that her images were not only current, but a great representation of who she was! She came in to the studio and was very shy! I could tell that the real Crystal wasn’t too far hidden and it would take a bit of time to get her to come out. 20 minutes later, the Crystal that I had “met” online was out and in full force! She was just as great in real life, as she was online! Playful teasing and harrassing and we were in business:


As we were shooting, I noticed right away that she reminded me of the beautiful Diddy of Diddylicious! That made the shoot that much fun as I had really missed Diddy!

As we were shooting, it was around 9:30pm I noticed a figure pacing outside the studio doors. I was that the far end of the building so the only time people came down that way was either to see me or if they were sales people. I knew he wasn’t a salesman at nine at night. You were able to see into the general area of my studio but not the Artist’s Study, so I closed the door. We wrapped up our session around 1030pm and I asked her if she was expecting someone. She replied she wasn’t, but that her boyfriend may have came to check up on her. Sure enough, he was outside like a mook waiting for her to get done.

I tried to get her back in for another session but she didn’t show any interest. That was the first and last time I shot her!


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