Meet the Models: Caylee

If you missed Caylee from last weeks Old School Friday, go check it out and come back.

Welcome back!

I met Caylee via a model portfolio site and had a chance to exchange several emails with her. I found her to be a shy, but fun young lady! She had worked with a local photographer who was more interested in bedding her, than helping her career. She was apprehensive when we agreed to shoot and I informed her that I had no interest in bedding her, only shooting her. I didn’t have interest in shooting her on a bed! Either way, we met at my studio. She was going to be in my first ever “End of the Year Shootout” and I have a strict rule that I have to shoot every model that will be at my workshops.  She showed to my studio on time and we sat and talked for a bit. She was very reserved and suspect which was totally fine by me. I have no problems and in fact enjoy when models have a bad experience with a photographer because they learn right away, I’m not like them. That being said she was still reserved and suspect but allowed smiles to come here and there. The first shoot was a test shoot and I didn’t have anything major planned other than to introduce her to my style of shooting and to make sure she showed up. My philosophy has always been if they show up for the test shoot, they’ll show up for the workshop.

The workshop was held in December but sadly, I didn’t get to capture any images of Caylee. As it turned out, the photographer in question, owned the studio that I held the workshop in. She was in and out in a flash and that was totally understandable. He did try and work with her and did capture a few images of her. He poses all his models in this weird open lip look where it looks like they are surprised or what I call the “Wanda” (from “In Living Color”), vs looking “sexy” She left soon after he started his instruction but sent me an email saying she wanted to shoot just her and I. We set up that shoot and had fun.

The second shoot was a LOT more relaxed and fun. In this shoot Caylee was far more relaxed. We laughed and joked about the workshop experienced and her future plans. I had been impressed with everything about her, her looks, body and willingness to try new and different things. She dropped the bomb on me that she was moving to Hollywood fairly soon after our shoot was over.  I was sad of course since I was fond of her, but dangerous is it, to get in the way of ones dreams so I encouraged her. At our last shoot she had a really cool pinstripe lingerie outfit she wanted to shoot so we did of course. She also wanted to be a bit daring and shoot some topless images. We shot some of those as well.


This was my last shoot with Caylee. When she left to Hollywood she never returned. I don’t think she even returned to visit yet! We are friends on Facebook and I keep up with her via watching her posts when they show up on my ticker. She seems to be happy and as of late, shooting with some photographers out there. I can only wish the best for her as she’s a great gal!

Originally posted 9/19/2012

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