Meet the Models Zoe Shupe

Meet the Models Zoe Shupe is my return to regular posting and sharing! I will start my epic return featuring Zoe Shupe.

I had met Zoe through Facebook like I had met many of the girls I had worked with at the time. Zoe had known several of the girls I had shot in the past and wanted her turn. I looked over her submitted images and noticed she had a glamour body; 32C, nice hips and height. Although she had the height for legit fashion work, she didn’t have the body type in accordance to the industry standard, but she was all glamour. I noticed she had a dress in one of her photos that I thought was killer on her figure and wanted to shoot it. We set up the shoot and and shoot day arrived.

Zoe was a little late to the shoot but we were shooting outdoors. The place to park and walk down the hill was a climb, so I was able to look past it. She showed up with the dress I loved, a great smile and open attitude. Prior to all my shoots, I ask and verify, the styles they’re open to shooting. Zoe had said she most open she was to shooting was implied topless. Never one to push the issue, we went to shoot. We had a great time but she found the spots that I had previously shot topless and nude images, to be too open for her tastes. She wanted to shoot some implieds at the waterfall. Before we left, we captured the following:

It was a summer day and the sun was coming out so Zoe wanted to shoot first in a tshirt/no bra, then implied. The waterfall is colder than everyone’s expectation and Zoe blurted out “Oh fuck it’s cold!” Under the waterfall, this new model worked it like a champ!

With the sun high in the sky, she was OK with shooting implied topless images to dry off. We moved to a wooded area and she was still sopping wet. I asked if we should shoot some implied and turned around to see she was fully topless! She started to pose herself asking if it would look good as a photo? I shoot of course, and a whole new Zoe was born. As we started to shoot more, I asked her when she became comfortable with topless to which she replied she was fine when I asked. Confused, I asked her when I specifically asked for topless, she said “Right now?” I told her “No, implied was what we were doing at the waterfall!” She didn’t care and we ended the day shooting topless:

I had wanted to shoot the dress indoor under studio light so we had discussed another shoot. I wanted to shoot that dress so we agreed to shoot indoors. Around that time, I had a webmaster who was following everyone I shot and linked to on facebook. The two began talking and I was presented with the idea of submission shooting for a possible website. She wanted an erotic nude website so we shot glamour and erotic nudes

Zoe wanted to shoot more submission sets so we agreed to another two shoots. We shot them and they were all great!

BTS Denver glamour girl Zoe Shupe from Glamour Model Magazine on Vimeo.

Like many wannabe models, Zoe eventually lost interested in modeling and the site and thus disappeared. Years had gone by before I had  heard from her and it was in the form of her fiance, Justin Shupe. Justin sent me a pretty dick note and blocked me before I could respond. Not knowing who he was, I figured he was her white knight and ignored it. I saw soon-because of their name change, that they had married. I had this story setup as my return to Meet the Models story and low and behold, Zoe wrote me. She first threatened me like they all do. Then backed off. She wanted to purchase copyright but then changed her mind on that too. I have no further interest in talking to Zoe and wish her nothing but success in all she does.

Here’s a sample video of what is for sale along side all photo sets.

Zoë Shupe glamour nude shoot from jay kilgore on Vimeo.


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