Meet the Models: Leah Konecsni

Meet the Models- Leah Konecsni_JayKilgore
Meet the Models- Leah Konecsni JayKilgore

Been a while since I’ve updated, my apologies. I decided to get back into the habit by doing a Meet the Models. Today, we meet Leah Konecsni.

I had met Leah from a guy who wanted to buy private photos of her. From there, she decided she wanted a paysite to make money. So she talked to the same guy and he provided her with the opportunity to have one. When I first met her, she was very shy. I thought she was quite pretty and had the perfect glamour body. I had commented that she had the perfect glamour body and she said “My goal was to get the ‘Barbie’ look.” Mission accomplished!

Our first shoot she was super quiet, almost too quiet. As we started to work together she started loosening up. She began to talk more and smile and have fun.  I started to relax a little and we shot and had fun. She had told me straight away that she had shot and done other things with photographers so she was quite comfortable posing in Penthouse erotic nude styles. That was a welcome change for me as I had been contacted by Penthouse and needed something to submit to them as well.

Over time, we had shot three or four times with each shoot lasting two or three hours. This is a super long shoot for me but it was worth it as she was open to styles and talking and having fun.

I invited her to shoot at my home and the shoot was a success. We shot again at the studio and had fun! We had one more shoot and it was there that I think it became awkward for her.

While we were shooting, her pocket book fell over and the contents spilled to the floor. She picked everything up and said she had a “bullet” seeing the size of it I had thought it was an adult toy, she informed it was for the times she snorted an illegal drug. Awkward, we moved past it and I informed her I don’t judge people. She said she was OK with it, but continued to be odd. We had agreed to shoot again to finish everything up but I had a feeling it was done. The week passed and I had scheduled another shoot in the time slot forgetting that her and I had agreed. Reviewing my calendar and seeing I had double booked myself, I sent her a text message asking if she was still interested. She replied asking who I was and I reminded her. She asked me to not contact her further and that she wasn’t interested.

Following her wishes, I never contacted her again and haven’t. That was December 2007. I wish Leah the best in all she does!


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