Meet the Models: Kylee

As promised, I’m updating with my Meet the Models: Kylee! Kylee and I “met” more or less, through her father, Andrew. Andrew and I had spoke for many years about getting together shooting. We were both fans of each others work and either I was busy and he open, or vice versa. I had sent him a note about a workshop I had up coming and invited him. He responded that he was busy and unable to make it out, but wished me well. We exchanged pleasantries and that was that. The following day, Kylee posted several messages on his FB asking him to check in. Later that evening she posted that she was very concerned that he never responded. A few days later, his page was updated that he had passed and would be missed. Having just poke to him not too long ago, I was in shock! We had just spoke about shooting Kylee and Heather together. Fast forward a bit and Kylee and I decide to shoot. 11/19/2011 The day of the shoot I was nervous. I had no ideal what we would talk about since our only real connection was her father. I’ve not lost my Mother, so I don’t know what it’s like to lose a parent, but I knew I didn’t want to focus on the sadness that death brings. I wanted her to know she was her own person and awesome, but her father should be remembered. She came in and we sat down to talk. I think she could sense that I wanted to address it as she brought him up first. She said he always had good things to say about me and for that I was appreciative. With that addressed, we moved on to her and shooting for her. I found her pretty and easy to talk to. She was confident and fun, sure of who she was and accepting. Values I find misplaced in many young women her age.  I was drawn first to her eyes, then her legs! She’s not tall, but she has amazingly long legs. The one thing I remembered most about Kylee was her wanting to explore different areas of shooting! She was legal and wanted to try new things. At the end of the shoot she wanted to shoot some implieds as well as as a photo or two showing off her tattoo she got in honor of her father:   After that shoot, she wanted to shoot with her BFF so we shot. Her friend was a senior in High School so I won’t post those photos.


Our second s hoot promised to be super hot! She wanted to push boundaries and wanted to shoot some topless! Rare do I turn down a beautiful woman who wants to shoot topless, and Kylee was no exception. We shot and had a great time. She wanted to shoot in Bally the ball chair, so we got some images in there. For this being her first time shooting topless, I expected her to be nervous or hesitant. She was totally fine and took charge over the shoot and killed it!


A few weeks after that I moved from CO. I was battling my disease and thought I wanted to be in MN, MISTAKE! I ended up moving back less than a year later and started to shoot. I took from February 2012 to July of 2013 off. I did some shoots here and there, but every two years or so I take a while to focus on me and what I want to do with the rest of my life. I got a message from Kylee checking in on me asking when I came back to visit. I told her I was back to stay to never leave. She wanted to shoot so we set up a time to shoot. She was my last shoot on Bally before I left, first shoot when I got back:   During that shoot she told me that she finally had a boyfriend and he was a good guy. Treated her well. The shoot was fun, just like the last time we shot:



Sadly, they broke up for whatever reasons kids do now days. I hadn’t talked to her much. I shot Kaylie and a boy posted something to the effect of “Watch Jay, he shoots porn” The boy I knew to be Kylee’s ex-boyfriend. I messaged him asking how he could feel comfortable gossping about someone he has never met? To not make false claims as it makes him look a fool. He said “My ex Kylee told me you have a porn website” then he had to proceed in his pre-20’s tough guy attitude. I laughed at him. Wanting to know why Kylee would be spreading rumors about me, I contacted her. She stated she had heard I had a porn site and so she was telling people. When confronted, she admitted she was stupid for doing so and apologized. She had heard from another “mutual friend” and was doing her job of spreading the rumors. She apologized, profusely, and I still believe more than anything she apologized because she got caught, not for what she did. I accepted cause I don’t care either way. Today our relationship is non-existent. I was actually bothered that someone I thought was cool, would spread rumors about me. If I were to see her out and about, I’d not have anything mean to say to her, but I can never forget her poor decisions to lie about me. Shows me that like many others, her mission was to use me to get what she could.


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