Meet the Models Hannah

Last week we were introduced to Hanna in my Old School Friday section. Today, let’s Meet the models Hannah!

I first met Hannah via her sister, Maegan, vicariously. When I say vicariously, I mean I had shot Maeggy and while we were shooting, their mom said “Hannah would be so jealous right now! She wants to model so bad”. I loved Maeggy’s style so I was looking forward to shooting Ms. Hannah. The first time I met Ms. Hannah was at my 2009 “Shootout”. Hannah was the second half of the shoot where I opened it to any and all that wanted to come out. Maeggy was already there so Mrs Melissa left to go get Hannah. When I met Hannah I thought she was pretty and fun! She had attitude and was very confident with herself. I was afraid she would live in the shadow of her sister like many other younger siblings do, but nope, she was her own person and strong aura.

Around that time Ms. Hannah was about 15 or 16 so I didn’t really push or pursue photography of her. I could have used her as a High School Senior Model Rep, but every time I try and launch a general portrait business, I get a TON of new clients in the glam side so I never really got it off the ground. I had kept in great contact with Mrs. Melissa over the time. Total sweethearts the three of them. I found myself really liking all three of them! At this point the story goes quiet until 2012.

Late 2012 I got an email from Ms. Hannah saying she wanted to shoot. She wanted to give modeling a try and she wanted to do a bit more with it. She wanted more mature looks. She had a great body and wasn’t afraid to show some of it off. I was O.K. with that and wanted to help her express herself. She showed up to the studio with herself and two other friends. The studio space we shot out of wasn’t that big so it was pretty cramped with four adults in there but we were able to get it worked out.

After that shoot some time had lapsed as she was back and fourth visiting her family down south. Like her mom, she’s a proud southerner and has desires to live there once again. In may she contacted me and wanted to shoot again. I was super O.K. with that. This shoot was our most fun as she really opened up and we got to know each other. I had never looked at her as Maeggy’s little sister, this shoot, she really stepped away. Not in the content we shot, but in the convos we had. I became even more impressed with her.

I had announced that I was a Staff Photographer for Glamour Model Magazine and was looking for models to submit. Hannah was interested in being one of the models but it required implied topless at the least. She really, really wanted to but had to get permission from her mom. We set a date and agreed to shoot regardless of what the answer was. If she allowed to shoot the implied, great, if not, that’s fine as well. She complained that that was one reason she hated living at home. She was a grown woman, 20 years old still having to ask permission. Shoot day came and we didn’t shoot anything for GMM submission but got great images either way.

Hannah and I spoke quite a few times after that and fell off. I’ve not spoken with her in some time. Last I spoke to her, she was moving back to AR and was going to be happy. I hope she’s found the happiness that Colorado wasn’t able to bring her.




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