Meet the Models: Emily

Meet the Models: Emily

Emily is the sister to my former Muse. Sharing the same bloodline, I thought she was pretty right from the start.

I don’t know much about Emily other than my own opinions on her. I will share them of course, but before I start that, let’s get into the meeting. For some time, Lauren had suggested Emily and I shoot. At first I was down just because she was the Lauren’s sister. It turned into a process so I forgot about it. For me, to work with me is simple; you have an interest. I have an interest. We set a date and time and we put in work. Any variations in that is work and no one likes to work. Now I understand some people aren’t as ready mentally, physically or psychologically for what ever reasons. Apparently, Emily wasn’t really ready and it never happened. March 3, 2011. When I met her I thought she was beautiful in a way different than her sister. I wasn’t sure if she was shy and reserved because her sister was such a dynamic force? Or if because her sister and I had a then well established relationship? Or if she was shy in and of itself? but we shot and had a great time!


After that shoot I was convinced I had wanted to do more work with her. I wanted to see if it was an issue of the above? Was she just shy? Or was her sister a dynamic force? Either way, I wanted to shoot her just her and I so I could see. Again, I dug her look and wanted to shoot her. By this time, I was far along in my “un-diagnosed condition” so I had little patience for anything. I wanted to shoot her and her alone. I didn’t want outside circumstances and interference as I wanted to shoot and get to know HER. We agreed on a time to shoot and I had an MUA lined up cause I wanted to do some beauty work. We spent some time texting and she kept saying she wanted her sister there and her sister wanted to be there. I remember being frustrated as I felt she was living in her sisters shadow and that’s a huge shadow to live in. Lauren is an amazing force and that’s a great thing to say, but I wanted little sister to become her own force. It ended up working out that they both came in 11/21/11:

A few weeks ago, I was going to Colorado Springs to do some shooting for Glamour Model Magazine and asked if anyone on my FB was in the area? Emily sent me a note saying she was in the Springs and wanted to shoot! I was down as I still wanted to see her turn into her own woman. The time I was out there, she would be back in the cities as she visits the area, not live there. We agreed to shoot 2/22. When I’m setting up sessions, I have an uncanny ability to sense when the shoot won’t work. Right away I figured the shoot wasn’t going to work out. Call it a previous track record or woman’s intuition, but I figured it wouldn’t work. The week of the shoot I contacted her and she was unable to shoot. I can’t say I wasn’t let down, but I more than half expected it.

Today I’m still waiting for this shoot to happen! Emily is one of the FEW that I will actually hang back and wait for her to come in when she’s ready.


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