Meet the Models: Danielle Jones


Meet the Models: Danielle Jones by Jay Kilgore Photography
Meet the Models: Danielle Jones by Jay Kilgore Photography

As I spoke about in my Old School Friday post from a few weeks ago, today’s Meet the Models: Danielle Jones is happening!

Danielle first contacted me and wanted to shoot. She was in WA at the time and saw my work by some of the girls I had shot previously. At the time of her first contact, she wanted to shoot styles that I found “boring” aka, not glamour styles. I was mildly interested in shooting it, but my heart wasn’t into it. That and her being in another state on the NorthWest side of the country meant our talks would be basically how we want to shoot, but never getting the chance to do it. Just to keep everything kosher, I played the game and continued to talk to her. We stopped talking for several months and just as I figured, it was something that was never going to happen.

Out of the blue, I got a message from her that said she was living in Colorado and wanted to do that shoot. This was around the time that I was really focusing on Glamour Model Magazine and needed people that was able to shoot the sexy styles the publication required. If you remember from before, she was open to non-glamour styles and being my new push was glamour, topless and nude, I wouldn’t be able to make time for a tfcd shoot if I couldn’t get anything from it. I was working with the then owner of GMM as well as the Art Director who told me she would contact Danielle for a feature and advise her of the styles needed. Figuring Danielle would never go for it, I agreed and the contact was made. To my surprise, she was interested in shooting topless and wanted to move forward with modeling and glamour modeling.

We scheduled the shoot and she showed up. One thing I didn’t realize is she was very tall. She was shy and somewhat reserved, which I found funny for a topless shoot, but I rolled with it! Although she was shooting topless, I think she did very well her first glamour shoot:

Danielle was a great model and we had a lot of fun. She was relaxed and we had a good conversation while we shot. We had another shoot shortly thereafter as Danielle wanted to shoot on the ball chair. We set the shoot and made it happen!

Shortly thereafter, Danielle hooked up with a webmaster who wanted to do a site for her. At around the same time, Glamour Model Magazine was interested in doing paysites as well so I was interested in shooting. This time, she agreed to shoot nudes and I was down for that!

For the above shoot, I had flown back to Colorado to see some friends and shoot another client. Danielle was a shoot that I fit in. She got cold feet and we shot what we could and agreed it wasn’t for her. We kept in contact and was friendly. In 2016 she contacted me and said she was coming out to Cali to see a friend. She wanted to shoot again so I picked her up from the airport and we shot mostly video.

Sleeping Beauty Danielle Jones shot by Jay Kilgore from jay kilgore on Vimeo.

Sleeping Beauty 2 Danielle Jones shot by Jay Kilgore (Enhanced) from jay kilgore on Vimeo.

After this shoot, I’ve spoken to Danielle several times but nothing as far as shoots. Last I saw, she was still modeling some in Colorado but more concentrated on being a mom. Danielle is a friend and I wish her nothing but the best!


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