Meet the Models: Cassidy

As promised, today’s Meet the Model: Cassidy is happening!

I first spoke to Cass a long time ago! It was about four or five years ago. I saw her and she had braces and I thought she was cute! I thought it would be cool to shoot her. We spoke back and fourth a few times and promises of shoots were made and never happened. We started speaking again July of 2011 and we had a more firm shoot promised. The weekend of 8/30/2011 I got an email from Cass saying she gets her braces off 8/31/11 at 10am and she wanted to shoot at 11. It got close to 11am and I didn’t hear anything. At about 11:20 I got a text apologizing and saying her removal took a bit longer than what she was expecting but she was on her way. My hope was renewed.

She arrived and had the biggest smile ever. I made a point to tell her how beatiful her teeth were and even asked if she had ever had braces. She relaxed and we got to work. Right away I knew she was a perfect Jay Kilgore model as she had quick wit and amazing quips. She agreed to implied topless and we got to work:

Our shoot was a success and it was awesome. Cass and I kept in touch and talked a lot. I really found myself digging this chick! In October of 2011 I was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic and ended up moving back to Minneapolis, MN. I had kept in touch with Cass when there and late 2012 I went back to CO for a visit and shoot. Cass was one of the girls I worked with:

When I left, she told me to hit her up when ever I was back and I did. I moved back to Colorado that October and we stayed in contact and When I got back, we shot together:

We kept in touch and everything was groovy. We had such an amazing relationship. She was one of the few I thought of as a friend. She was interested in trying out a restaurant that Ashley and Amelia worked at so her, a good friend of mine and I met up and had a late supper. It was good to see her. She invited me back to her restaurant and I went of course. We agreed to shoot and so we set up our final shoot:

After the last shoot, Cassidy became very religious. She started littering her facebook page with how amazing G*D is and what he did for her. She wanted no traces of her life on display. Her and about six other girls all of a sudden became super religious. I had no problem with it, but I got tired of the other girls saying “G*D is great!” then talk about fighting, getting high and calling other people “b**tches” and what not. I said “Kind of tired hearing about how everyone loves G*D, then talking about getting white girl wasted.” Cass thought I was talking about her and removed me from her facebook. I noticed some time later and she confided in me that she thought I was talking to her. I told her I had more than just her on my facebook. I also asked how she could want her former life erased when she’s posting images of her in a bikini contest for Hooters? She said the images wouldn’t be up long, that her family was asking to see pics. She had put more up so I took it that she didn’t mind them up, just minded who else had like images up. By the end of the convo she took everything I said personally, unlike the Cass of before that was calm and relaxed. She went from telling me she wanted hot guys to take advantage of her and being upset that they wouldn’t, to condemning me for doing what drew her to me. Today Cass and I don’t talk and I like to think back to the better times we had. If she were to ever cotnact me I would welcome her with open arms! I miss my friendship with her.


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