Meet Lauren

Since I started a series “Meet the models“, almost instantly I got emails asking to meet Lauren. Lauren is someone I don’t want to share, but I figure it’s not fair you guys or her, for me to keep her under wraps.

I first met Lauren in April of 2010. When I saw her photos, I thought “Wow! She’s really pretty!” In her photos, she never smiled and the mystery of her intrigued me. Right away I thought she was a glamour girl and I wanted to shoot her. I honestly forgot how we actually started talking, but not soon after we had a date to shoot. If you know ANYTHING about models you know that 10am your and my time, is actually 10:20-11:00 model time. I was on my way to the studio at 10am when she text’d me and told me she had been outside since 9:45 waiting for me! Naturally I sped to the studio as I was actually late! I pulled up to the studio and saw this hot chick in sweat pants and an off the shoulder sweat top. She looked amazing! She gave me a hard time about being late, but in a playful way.

We exchanged pleasantries and got to know each other a little bit before we started shooting. Right off the bat I could tell she was confident, but confident in a way she didn’t know. Everyone has their imperfections and she pointed each one she considered-out, but I couldn’t get past her eyes. She has the most striking blue eyes. As you know, I like to start my shoots out in more clothes, then move to highest level of nude as this gives US a chance to warm up to each other. She came out in blue jeans and a button up shirt that was unbuttoned and tied. She had me at unbuttoned! She was easy to talk to and as I said, confident in a way she didn’t know she was confident. Of course she knew she looked good and was desired, but I felt she didn’t know how far that reached.

During the shoot, I realized that not only was she hot, but she was deep too. Needless to say, I had an affinity for her. After our first shoot we spent a lot of time talking and getting to know each other. She is always up for trying new things and open to most ideas I have for her icon wink Meet my Muse She knows more about photography and lighting than she should, and that’s great because I can’t slouch with her.

Originally posted 11/27/2011

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