Meet Jessica F

Today’s “Meet the Model” is Jessica F.

I had written Jessica long ago about a shoot. She blew me off.

I was crushed.

She said she didn’t get it, but I don’t believe her ;)

Either way, fast foward a year or so and we’re friends on Facebook. I needed a model and posted that I was looking for one. Jessica said she was interested. Now before I go any further, I have to tell you my initial thoughts of her;

My kind of girl!

Confident, sexy, curvy and a tiiiiiger.

From looking at her photos, she never smiled in them. I knew she could pull off the sexy look, but didn’t know if it was a look or her look. October I had her come in for a test shoot. Right away when I met her I thought she was awesome! She had sooo much going for her! Green-ish eyes, nice full lips, KILLER smile and great body. I came to learn that sexy look she had, was just her being her. One of the reasons I really dig her is she always has a devilish smile to her. She says one thing, but her eyes and body expression seems like their saying something else. Think of that time you told the Cop one thing, but he was smiling at you because he knew you were lying, yea, that’s her look. Her eyes literally has a twinkle in them and she’s QUICK to set the scene straight. There is nothing I love more than someone who tells it like it is. She does.

Our first shoot was a test shoot and ironically enough, we shot Saturday, that Monday I went to the ICU for a full week lol. Photos from that first shoot:

Again, after this shoot I ended up in the hospital for some time. Sadly enough, I don’t remember much of this shoot but I’ll explain that in the weeks to come. I remember shooting her and remember being impressed with her, but don’t remember much of the shoot.

A few weeks go by and we get back in touch. I apologize for being out of it and explained that I was dead…literally “Walking Dead” but I remember wanting, HAVING to shoot her again. I had her out for a workshop and EVERYONE there LOVED her. LOVED being around her and just knowing her. I don’t have images from that workshop because I didn’t really shoot any, I really wanted everyone there to get to know her and experience her. She was one they all still talk about to this day!

Before I left Colorado I had a shoot with her. We had an awesome time and got some great images! Here are a few of those:


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