Denver fetish model Cheyenne

Cheyenne Carlsson denver spanking model

When I was in Colorado, my buddy used to frequent this breasturant and I found a few girls to shoot from it. I had seen Cheyenne several times and each time was conflicted; should I ask to shoot? Or naw? Sometimes she looked very nice and other times I didn’t want to shoot her. My buddy, Paul, would always remind me when I said I wanted to shoot her, that I didn’t the last time. I finally decided to shoot her and we set up the time.

Shoot day arrives and she shows up with a gentleman. He wanted to talk to me and see where we were shooting. I found out some time later that he was there to check me out and make sure I wasn’t a creeper. Cheyenne gets ready and we start shooting. While we’re shooting, Cheyenne makes a comment that it’s been some time since she had a shoot. Thinking this was her first time, I

Cheyenne Carlsson Denver spanking model

asked her who she had shot with since I was familiar with a lot of the photogs in CO. She told me she didn’t want to say who it was, but kept discussing it. Towards the end of the shoot she said it was for a spanking site and she enjoyed it. I asked who the company was and she refused to say. We ended our shoot and decided to shoot again. I wasn’t motivated, but did like the opportunities to other girls there it created.

I sent her the sample images and she enjoyed them. She again started talking about the spanking site and I again asked who it was? She told me it made her uncomfortable that I was asking and became defensive when I reminded her that she’s the one to bring it up all the time. I’ve shot many, many type things so it’s not a big deal to me what someone shoots. I posted a comment about escorts and she posted saying her friend was actually at our shoot to test me out. If I were a creeper, he wouldn’t let her shoot. That I was a good guy. Shortly there after, she blocked me. I submitted the images to Glamour Model Magazine and I guess she contacted them asking the images to be removed. They were amongst some of the lowest rated/viewed features on the site, so GMM removed them.

I just found these images and decided to post them. I was contacted about two years ago by someone who let me know they found Cheyenne’s spanking videos and that she wanted to let me know I shoot porn girls. I don’t care what people do or shoot, but thanked her for the info. You can see Cheyenne on under the name “Autumn” or by clicking the photo below:

Denver spanking model Cheyenne “Stardust” Carlsson getting spanked

The photos we took:


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