Window light and some not so great images!

Hey guys,

This blog post I want to talk about the power of one light, SUNLIGHT! I think once you hit a certain level, you forget about the important things. For me, Being sponsored by a major strobe company, I’ve forgotten about the power of free lighting!

Meet Jenna. This shoot, while magical for me, is one who’s images should be buried lol. Well, some of them. Why was this shoot magical? This shoot was October 2004 and this was when life was simple. I was armed with simple, basic equipment and a desire to get better. Jenna was a student at a college about an hour away. I was posting looking for females I could use to help give me a strong Colorado base. Jenna responded and we shot. It was this shoot that I learned of boundaries when it comes to model photographer. The first time we shot, she shot casual and fashion. When she returned home, she sent me an email telling me she had a blast and that she wanted to come back in and shoot some topless. I was in shock because I didn’t know why she’d wait. I found out it was because she wanted to know if I could be trusted lol.

Here’s the techs:

Canon EOS Digital Rebel 300D
Canon EOS 18-75 f3.5-5.6 kit lens
Sun coming in from camera right through large patio doors.
White foam core for bounce

Yes, I said Canon Digi Rebel with kit lens!

Then we shot some implied topless using the same setup as above. The topless was shot on a black backdrop using a diffusion panel. The nudes are the ones that are far from good, but show’s what I was doing seven short years ago. Can you imagine that I had four nationally published images at the same time as these images were taken? Ya, I agree!

The point of today’s blog entry? it’s not the equipment, but the person operating it. The first series was taken with kit lens and base line camera.


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