What’s your website address?

I spend a fair amount of time on the internet looking at my competition, friends and soon to be competition and the one thing I’ve noticed? Most people don’t have websites to showcase their work! Blogs are cool, but models want to see a solid body of work, not just a snippit of work here and there.


In this day in age, you NEED to have a website to show your work. Even if it’s just to have something to show a would be client. This, next to business cards is the first and MAIN steps to securing the job. Your work comes AFTER your web presence!

My workshops are sponsored by Flash Palette web designs and because they are, YOU get a nice fat 20% discount! That’s right! you get 20% off any website they have in stock!! Why? because you visit my workshops and visit my blog. How tight is that?

Yea, I know, I’m awesome.

http://www.flashpalette.com/main.html is the website. email support@flashpalette.com and in the subject field, put “Jay Kilgore referral” and they’ll email you back with the 20% code you can use!

I’m in the process of converting Coloradosupershoot.com over to my flashpalette.com site and it’s great. Easy to update and use, I can update on the fly!

You will need a hosting company, for that, I use wiresix hosting company. I’m currently talking with the owner to see if I can get a nice little discount. Their prices are already low (I pay 45.00 quarterly) but we’ll see if they can knock some of that down.

This all, to help you become my competition LOL.


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