“What do you think of…”

I have several photographer friends and about 10 models who always ask me “What do you think of….” The funny thing? I just had 6 of them ask at the SAME TIME!!!!! all with in about 8 seconds of each other!! lol.

I’m honored that they ask me for their opine on things, but I just don’t feel that I’m one to give comments and critiques on others work. Yes, I know, a year or so ago, I was going into super long “this is why this” and so on, but over the past year, I’ve learned that we all have our own vision. It’s not up to some one else to try and decode, decypher or understand that style. Yes, there are rules to photography that needs to be followed, but outside of that, I’m just not commenting lol.

One of my favorite models, we’ll call her…Jacki..(haha) shoots with a photographer who’s style she KNOWS I dislike. He does a glass orb eye thing with his photography and gives unnatural skin tones to his work. I dislike his style, but have never told her that because she loves it. It won’t secure her real world work, so I do tell her “Those are cool for your personal portfolio” She doesn’t understand my code “Those photos are cute for myspace, not getting work” I don’t have the heart to tell her, so I just keep saying “He has his own style, and as long as your happy, that’s all that matters.” Because it’s true! if the client is happy, who gives a rats ass what another photog has to say?

I guess that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I know there are people who dislike my work, and I’m cool with that! I’m confident and comfortable with what I do, that I don’t care what others say, although I do love hearing critiques from people. Just because I get them, doesn’t mean I’ll conform or change, but I guarentee you I’ll take it under advisement.


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