What a month!

Hello friends,

So sorry I’ve not updated in a while. I have a really good excuse; My family moved back to MN for a while (my girls kept saying they wanted to go back there and live, so I shipped them all back. They hate it of course-grass truly isn’t greener on the other side they’ve found) so I spent most of January there.

While in MN, I had some amazing shoots and some awesome one on one sessions! I found a bit of drama with a small Duluth, MN camera group (one of their “photographers” was giving a girl who likes to take pictures, bad info. I had to let them both know that I’m not a small town guy and sadly, it wouldn’t work out that way for them. One on one sessions were awesome and I’m waiting for them to put up some photos so I can steal them and show ya! I had some amazing sessions while in Duluth as well as Mpls.

Here’s a few photos from just before I left to go. Client shoot Jocelyn was a pleasure and joy to work with!

The lighting setup was pretty simple:

1 Photogenic PL500DRC as key light
2 Photogenic PLR1250DR on the backdrop (point the strobes at the curve to get full even lighting)
2 Chimera Pro II Strip Softbox 9×36
72×72 Chimera diffusion panel


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