UPS man came yesterday!

Yesterday the UPS man came to visit. I think it’s official, I love the UPS man more than Santa! The UPS man IS our Santa. He brings photos and equipment! Yesterday, UPS Santa brought me 2 Photogenic CL500 strobes! If you don’t know what those are, they are daylight balanced “hot lights” or continuous strobes. Being Photogenic is my photography strobe sponsor of choice, they will send me any strobe can that I want or need, I send them great images and people to buy their great product lol. I had a private session last week and a guy purchased a 1250DR woot! These strobes will be used in my 6week lighting class!

Either way, here’s the photos of the new can. It’s continuous lighting:

My buddy is always with me when I get new packages delivered:

She got to it before I could:

She’s not that good at product photography, sorry:

Here’s some info on the Powerlight CL500

This durable aluminum housing is rated for up to 500-watts. Quiet fan cooled, this model’s application is for all digital, conventional film and video systems. This light is equipped with 7″ high gain reflector and the Quick-Change accessory system, allowing fast accessory changes to over 80 different light shaping products from Photogenic. (Lamp not included.)

  • Rated for up to 500-watts
  • Cooled by 4″ whisper quiet fan
  • Tempered Safety Dome
  • Rugged Aluminum Housing
  • 7″ High Gain Reflector
  • Ratchet Stand Mount
  • Quick Change System
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