The ills of TFCD shoots..

I think TFCD shoots are bad for the industry. I think they cause problems since the line of photographer/model is blurred. Some models, think that on a tfcd shoot…ANY shoot, they own the copyright to images on a tfcd shoot mostly.

I contacted a model in Colorado Springs. She had some photos on her port. Staying true to the blog a few blogs down, I won’t say what I think of the images, but will say I felt she could have used some professional images in her book. She replies back to me and says something along the lines of “Surely you don’t think your a better photographer than……”

No, I didn’t say anything like that! what I said was, YOU DON”T HAVE PROFESSIONAL QUALITY IMAGES ON DISPLAY!!!!!! Take that how you want to, but I’m just being honest. There’s a photographer in Colorado Springs who emails girls and promises them the chance to appear in the many calendars he comes out with. He’s his own hype macheine and he’s pretty good! he offers amateur quality photos and have “models” thinking he’s the best. Sometimes, I find myself jealous that I’m not whoring myself out like that, but in the end, I’m glad my image quality speaks for itself.

I replied back to her that two of the photogs I’m good friends with and would never speak ill of them or their work. The other two photogs, one I’ve seen he had good work, the other, is the terrible guy I was just talking about. I would never bash another photog to a model, but at the same time, I REFUSE to put myself in the same catagory as a rank amateur with a good hype macheine.

For the love of G*D, this girl is a thicker girl, she’s great for glamour work. This “great” photog is shooting her straight on and in VERY unflattering poses that gives several unflattering..shadows to her midsection. How can a “model” like this? wow huh?


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