The day after…

The day after the big 3-5 isn’t so bad. Yesterday was difficult, but when I got home, my girlfriends had me a beautiful card made with love. It included dolphins and sharks (I love you Mya-Monster, but one is the prey, the other is the predator…they don’t join hands and swim together) and dolphins and sharks are my fav animals. My girls had a biiiiig surprise for me….a DQ ice cream cake! Me and the girls have this thing, we call a butterscotch dipped cone “buttercup” since that’s what Ari called it a few years ago. This cake, you guessed it, had half of a REAL buttercup cone on it!!!

So I get through the night and all is well.

I wake up to an email from one of the twen-teens with her pics (I put them up asap cause I knew she’d bug the frick out of me. OBVIOUSLY I live to serve but her) they make their picks, then princess twin-teen emails me and says “here’s our picks, I kindly ask you to delete the ones we didn’t chose”


Yea, sure, I’m all over that sister.

Some peoples kids! I’m not too angry, this was a shoot three years in the making and I didn’t really educate her on the process. I’m as much to blame.

It’s not snowing here, so no chance to throw a model in the snow. I have  a full on workshop on 12/7 and working on my models. I have a big announcement, but will hold off just in case it all falls through and I can avoid looking like ass.

I think it’s time to have a peice of ice cream cake and go to bed.



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