Sometimes, they return!

Nov 5th, 2007, I did a tfcd shoot with a model (All my tfcd shoots are wacky!!) this model was average. She was far too short to do any print work. She has the perfect body and age rage for Swimwear, Lingerie and Nudes. She contacted me and I was interested in possibly using her for some of the things I do like workshops, and possibly in one of my books that are fourth comming. So we get together and shoot.

During the shoot, she was pretty cool, I mean she was a bit “bossy” but I was able to over look that, since I’m such a cool cat in all. After the shoot, she says that she wanted a cd of ALL the images. I educate her that there’s no way I would be able to provide this to her, but I could put them resized, online for her to look at. She agrees and goes home.

The next day, she likes them all and wants them on a cd so she can “Take my time and go through them” well….sorry, no way you’re getting every image, that’s stupid. And on top of that, why have 20 images of the same pose? you can only use one to three anyway! I educate her on this and find out she’s unhappy with this rule and she all of a sudden hates me. Not a problem, hell, my wife hates me! We part ways, the model and I.

I find out a few weeks later, her and a local “Scout for Playboy” are bashing me to other photographers. I laugh it off and take a moment to educate her that there is no such thing as Playboy “Scouts” Playboy states all over it’s magazine and online ezine that there aren’t any scouts, never have been, never will be. We get over that hump and continue to go our own ways.

Fast forward to today, Nov 5th, 2008 and she contacts me using a different name. This time, she’s a “fashion designer” and wants me to shoot her work. Now understand, I took about a year off of shooting models since I grew tired of haggling them to pay for their photos. Everyone wants my photos in their book, but no one wants to pay. I start talking to her to get an idea of what she wants and she wants;

4 models in her dresses

Head and shoulder as well as full lengh shots

All RAW images and she’ll bring her Laptop for easy download and burning

Oooook? Want to use some vasaline at all? can a brother get a kiss at least? or a reach around? SHEESH lady! So I tell her there’s NO WAY possible I can or will get her images same day or even next day. I will provide images on a link for her to look at. Apparently, this wasn’t good enough for her! So I suggested she let me refer some guys who would want the experience. She replies saying she doesn’t understand why I wouldn’t give her images same day or at least next day. That the first images from our first shoot “sucked” -hey lady, ask me to shoot 4-5 of your models FOR FREE, and try to insult my work why dontcha?-I explained to her, yes they do suck, RAW images suck…which is why I don’t give them out. She replies with “Whatever, I’m over it”

Yes, me too!

I’m cleaning up her images from our shoot last year and will post them.

NOW I remember why I opted to shoot screaming babies over wannabe models lol.

Here’s a few of her “terrible” photos:


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