Something different from me..

I’ve done a pretty damn good job in the Glamour model world, now I think it’s time for something different! This time, I’m going to try something that Mike and I argue over, “Artistic Nudes” 

I come from a loooong line of Pencil, Charcol, Pastels and Paints. In that doctorine, photographs are not considered one of these formats. Art was a very strict discipline in my childhood home and anything that wasn’t created with available light and soft #2 pencil, was just medium used to capture what you were going to make Art from.

I think deep down, my biggest problem with calling photography, and more so, digital photography art, is the fact that most blokes will take a piss poor image and turn it black and white, step back and expect others to admire and love it.

Anyway, here’s some images that I’ve taken over the past week or so, that I’d like to call as close to “Art” as my philosophy will allow:


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