“Real models…”

Every day I get more and more caught up in the various social networking programs such as Facebook. On there, there are a bunch of clowns who THINK they know what makes one a model and usually I enjoy reading their comments, but for some reason, this one clown made a comment that irked me. So I’m going to blog MY opinion regarding it.

His comment was something along the lines of;

“All these girls wanting to be models. They go get their hair done, their nails done and make up. Honey, you’re getting nothing more than a senior portrait done.”

This was a few days ago, so I’m not entirely sure if that was the quote word for word, but he did make the senior port comment. Behind his stupid comment, there were dozens of girls saying “I agree” to which he replied “…cept you, I consider you a model” and “…you should be a model, you’re hot enough!”

I could get very technical and copy and paste the meaning of the word “model” but what fun would that be? I posted the comment on my page and got some very good responses. One was from a model who said what makes a person a model is getting paid for modeling and striving to get better and better photos. I understand where she’s coming from, but it’s not always about the money. Any horny guy with a camera will drop 100.00+ per hour to see a hot chick naked. Doesn’t make him a photographer or her a model.

Another guy said modeling is “Model: A person who can convincingly act in front of a camera. Plain and simple. ”

And most likely, the most profound statement of the post was something that was short and sweet “whoever is in front of my camera?”

There were many great replies, but being a model is taking the ability to come alive. For ME, being a model is stepping outside of your every day comfort zone and pushing yourself, physically, mentally or emotionally, to get the shot that otherwise, is impossible. When a person is in front of my camera, it is MY job to make them a model. If I can’t elicit the emotion, then I have failed, not them. Usually, a model-models something. Keeping the item or interest that one is modeling in mind. I.e. if it’s an editorial shoot, as a model, you should tell the story. Fashion shoot, sell the product. Glamour shoot, sell your sexy.

As a professional photographer, the term model means something different to everyone. It’s just funny to me that the drunk guy at the bar, who has no idea what he’s talking about, is always the ones to define who or what a model is.


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