Rare is it, that I find someone new, that I honestly can say I enjoyed shooting. Last person I can say that about, was a new model named Crystal. She was beautiful, fun, bubbly and sexy. I posted one composit of her a while back, haven’t posted anything new. I will.

Today, I had in the studio, Samantha. I had only saw a head shot of her, and right off the bat I thought “She’s gorgeous!” I was nervous of course, I hadn’t seen her body LOL. We set up a few shoots and it didn’t work out. Weather and other problems kept us from shooting. We agreed to set up a shoot for today at 630. I thought to myself: “Yea, sure, she’s really going to show up” so I brought another model to a stream by my house. I’ve only shot four models there!! Anyway, Samantha shows up and WOW! I was stunned. She’s not only intelligent, but shes gorgeous AND awesome to be around!

I’m dead tired, so I didn’t clean up any image to perfection, but I will tomorrow! Here’s one to hold you over:

Glad I showed up to work today!!


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