When I first moved out to Colorado, I decided to go to school for photography. I saw in the degree break down, there wasn’t a prerequisite to take the “Advanced Lighting” class. So naturally, I took that class. With only two weeks left in the class, I got an administrative withdrawal approval as I was driving the instructor crazy. He was good at photography from the 1980’s, but not so good when it came to photography of the year 2000’s. The very first day of class, I was excited, wanted to learn. He takes the front of the class and says “When shooting portrait photography, everything needs to be shot at a 1:1 lighting ratio”



Are you serious?

I was going to drop the class right away, wife told me to hang in there.

With a few weeks left in the class, I dropped it and for the 12 weeks I was in it, all I got out of it was; a cool way to tie my strobe cords up. 2. the word “Poaching” Poaching is the term he used when someone was shooting over the back of the original shooter. I use that term today.

Here’s a poached shot from a 1 on 1 session I had over this past weekend.


It should be noted, I’m not against collegent learning when it comes to photography, just want people to know that school teaches you the basics, the real world teaches you how to make money.


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