Models: It’s that time of year again!

Attention Models:

The first part of the year brings tons of fun and shooting your way! If you’ve wanted to take a shot at getting into Maxim, this is your chance. Hooters? this is your chance!

Maxim: Many models and wannabe models always say they want to get into Maxim. Sadly, Maxim is one of the most difficult magazines to get into. Why? cause the demand is so high! There ARE ways to get in, and Maxim’s Home town hotties is the easiest way! “Neighborhood Knockouts” is another, but figure, according to their stats, there’s over 100,000 submissions per year to get that 1/4 photo op.

Maxim (Just as Playboy) always says “You don’t need professional photos for a shot” But let’s be honest, you do. They want the best you they can see and sorry, but the mirror photos you had on Facebook just won’t cut it. In fact, I had a model submit images to the hometown hotties and they rejected her. A month later, she submitted photos we took and was successfully entered into the competition.

Hooters: Every year, Hooters bar and grille has their calendar girl search. They take employee submissions only. The hard part is over for you, getting a job there. The next part is getting the photos. You can see the requirements here

The cool thing? This is my slow time of year, so I’m open and free to shoot! I’ve been published in FHM and Maxim online, so I know I have the quality. Let’s be honest, magazine submission is 60% of what I do with model photography. Why? cause no one in the state of Colorado has more than me. Meaning? no one is as experienced as I at getting models published.

For those of you that are interested, I’m running a special 99.00 4 look mini shoot (2 head 2 body is what they usually ask) I am expecting to book up pretty quick, so contact me to get your session booked.

Start the booking session now by making your payment. After your payment is received, I will contact you to set up a date for your shoot.

Brandy Q working her magic
Brandy Q doing what she does best, looking hot!

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