Lighting video?

Hey guys,

Just wanted to say whats up? Also, just wanted to let you know that after a year of planning, I’m FINALLY starting my lighting video! My video will be unique to the market and promises to have something for every one. I’m not sure of the price yet, but I will have an early bird special sign up.

This video will have full break downs of lighting setups as well as walking through the creative process of lighting. There will be TWO versions! One for model photography and one for general portrait! I will break down complex lighting patterns and make them do-able to the every day person. As it stands, the video will most likely be about eight hours lol, just kidding. If I record everything I want to, it most likely will be that long, but I’ll edit it down.

Want to get on the mailing list to get first dibs at the sign up? contact me and let me know you want to be on the mailing list!

To hold you over, here’s a few images taken over last week:


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